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Welcome to Imperia Spa, the Romanian Black Sea’s most exclusive and luxurious spa location. Imperia Spa combines contemporary beauty and sensory experiences (Wellness Spa) with health-giving treatments (Beauty & Health).

We are proud to work with Elemis, the top UK luxury spa brand and Buddhattitude of Buddha Bar fame, as well as bringing you the world- famous anti-aging Gerovital and the natural Pell Amar.

Elemis is the leading luxury British spa and skincare brand favoured by as many as 6.5 million spa-goers per year. Designed to respect the body’s complex physiology, Elemis spa therapies work in natural synergy with the skin, body and mind. Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience, using powerful massage sequences and the most potent active ingredients available in the world today.

Buddhattitude is an exclusive and original line of products designed and created by Buddha Bar Spa, of Buddha Bar fame. Buddhattitude is inspired by ancient Tibetan Ayurvedic traditions and uses rare wild ingredients harvested in their natural environment. Buddhattitude is as pure as you can get: it is 99% water and plant-based, and contains no harmful chemical preservatives. To ensure freshness and the quality of the ingredients, production is limited to a mere 500 bottles per batch.

Gerovital and Pell Amar are two of the best known Romanian cosmetic brands. Gerovital has been used since the 1950s with remarkable anti-ageing effects. Pell Amar products contain a special natural active ingredient with amazing hydrating and regenerating effects.